The Fresh Divide

Fresh Divide - your produce preparation station

Need an extra hand to prep your fresh fruits and veggies?  Visit the Fresh Divide produce preparation station at VG's Grocery stores at 18005 Silver Pkwy in Fenton and 1390 N Leroy St in Fenton and let our experienced team put their knife skills to work for you!  Enjoy the convenience of your fresh produce prepared for your recipes - peeled, cored, sliced, or chopped to your specifications, or select from a variety of unique cuts.  Leave this chore to us while you continue your grocery shopping at VG's Grocery.  In a hurry?  Don't worry! We also keep an assortment of pre-cut varieties of fruits and vegetables, packaged in sensible recipe and snack sized containers for you to grab and go.

It's a no fuss, no mess solution; never cry over an onion again!  And we compost what’s left for zero waste.  

NEW!  Recipes from the Fresh Divide!

The Fresh Divide Bucket

1) Start with a Bucket!

Visit The Fresh Divide and grab a bucket.  The Fresh Divide is located between the Produce Department and the Deli Department.



Expanded produce department, with organic varieties

2) Select your produce

Select your produce and put it in your bucket.  At VG's Grocery, our produce department offers unmatched quality and variety.  We adhere to strict standards to only offer the very best produce for our customers. 

3) Return your bucket & tell us how to cut it

We can cut your produce in a great variety of styles for all your favorite recipes.  Leave it to us while you shop, return to pick it up and enjoy!

Take a look at some of our cut options below.


  • Chopped produce


    Cut into small pieces, varying from fine to coarse and suitable for all recipes.

  • Cubed fresh produce


    Cut into squares of equal dimensions on all sides.  Sizes are determined by recipe or cooking method.


  • Diced fresh produce


    Cut into very small pieces, from 1/8 to 1/16-inch.  Used in recipes for a hint of flavor and aroma.


  • Julienne fresh produce


    Sliced into thin sticks, typically 1/8-inch wide.  Often used in salads and wraps.


  • Sliced fresh produce


    The most basic of cutting methods, and based on a desired thickness.  


  • fresh carrot and celery sticks


    Cut to lengths and widths suitable for dipping, roasting and frying too.