Apple Storage & Prep

Apple storage and preparation.


With apples in season, you may be tempted to stock up. But what’s the best way to store autumn fruits like apples? Here’s a few tips from some of our local apple farmers.

  1. Don’t let the temperature fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Frozen apples mean mushy fruit when it thaws.
  2. Store between 31-40 degrees in a humid environment, like your fridge crisper drawer. Toss a slightly dampened paper towel on top of the apples to help create a little moisture.
  3. If you do have a rotten apple, toss it quickly! Apples give off ethylene gas that can damage any fruit around it.
A damp towel over your apples can keep apples fresh longer.
  • A whole apple before prepped for easy carrying.


    Want sliced apples for your kiddos lunch or to avoid the mess of slicing up an apple at the office? Try this trick to keep your cut apples looking fresh and tasting crisp.

  • An apple cut into slices bound with a rubber band for easy storage, carrying and freshness.


    1. Slice the apple up as you would normally do if you were ready to eat it immediately.

    2. Piece it back together like a jigsaw puzzle and then bind it back together with a rubber band!

    3. Reducing surface area exposed to Oxygen avoided ethylene gas from interfering with your favorite fruit. When you’re ready to eat, lose the rubber band, rinse and enjoy!