DIY Salt Dough Craft


Trying to find a fun craft for the kids for Father’s Day but don’t want to spend all day hunting for supplies? Good news! You most likely have all the ingredients to make an easy Salt Dough recipe that can be molded into endless crafts, shapes and keepsakes for Dad. All you’ll need is Flour, Salt and Water for your ingredients. Let’s get to crafting!

Colored play dough texture


  • 2  Cups: Flour
  • 1 –Cup: Salt
  • 1 –Cup: Water
  • Optional: food coloring

Colored play dough texture


  • Add all ingredients together and knead until all blended together evenly. 
  • Shape into desired craft. (Handprint, footprint, ornament, shapes using cookie cutters, etc.)
  • Can let craft airdry to harden or place in oven at 200 F to harden quicker, may take up to 3 hrs to harden in the oven if dough is large or thicker in some areas  .
  • Food coloring can be kneaded in upon created to add some fun color.