Fresh Flower Tips

Have a beautiful bouquet? Here are some ideas to keep them fresh longer.
Fresh Flower Tips

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great gift – particularly around mother's day. But cut flowers require some specific care in order to stay fresh for more than a few days.

Immediately inspect your bouquet for wilted petals, discard these as well as any leaves or smaller greenery on the stem that will be underwater. These pieces will begin to rot and dirty up your water. 

Trimming the bottom of the stems is always a good idea, but did you know that cutting them underwater will prevent unnecessary air going into the stems? Make sure you do this every other day to maximize the amount of nutrients your flowers are getting. And since we’re talking about cutting stems, use a sharp knife instead of scissors – as a knife will prevent the stem from getting smashed and bruised.

BONUS: Using lemon lime soda instead of tap water will keep your flowers fresh for up to 2 weeks!