Halloween At Home

While Halloween will look different this year, that just means we get to celebrate all month long! Here are some fun and festive ways to craft a Spooktacular Halloween from the comfort of your home.

Calendar Countdown & Decorations

Craft your own countdown calendar to get the kids excited. It can be a festive drawing, paper cuff links to cut each day away, wooden number blocks, posters and any other creative idea that comes to mind. 

Halloween Calendar


Place your calendar in the heart of your Halloween home décor. Some of our favorite easy DIY decorations are: 

  1. Placing pumpkins all around the home of different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  2. Draw faces on pumpkins, oranges, pomegranates, and other fall colored fruit to give them a silly/spooky face.
  3. Reuse your wine bottles and place candle sticks in the top, once lit the wax will melt down turning you bottle into a spooky candle holder. 
  4. Putting “Caution” tape on doorways and strings of twinkle lights throughout the home.
  5. Try placing a white sheet over a coat rack & drawing on a spooky or silly ghost face.
  6. Stuffing a porch scarecrow using straw, and dressing in an old flannel or other fall clothes.

Decorating with pumpkins and candles

Costume & Pumpkin Carving Contest

To make carving your pumpkins even more fun this year, dress up in your costume or one from a previous year if you don’t want to make your Halloween costume debut quite yet. Host a pumpkin carving contest with everyone in your household. Melted wax, paint, twinkle lights and dry ice are all fun ways to make your pumpkin even more spooktacular! 

Have a pumpkin carving contest at home

Scary Movie Night & Shadow Puppets 

Put on a silly or spooky movie night with the kids! Blanket forts, jack-o-lanterns and snacks will add to the fun. If you want to step it up a notch, create your own Ticket stand with a sign, have a small fee, and the kids can play ticket booth while you set up the movie. 

Host a halloween movie night in your backyard.


Wanting to unplug? Create your own Halloween story with a shadow puppet show! You can even easily make your own shadow puppets at home with the kids too. Cut out Halloween shapes like a ghost, witch or pumpkin on craft paper. Glue on popsicles sticks or string to give the flying effect. Turn off the lights and backdrop the shapes with a flashlight and create your own fun story. 

Making your own Halloween Shadow Puppets


Most important, you can’t have a movie/entertainment night without popcorn. Here are some of our favorite yummy recipes: Chocolate Candy Bar Popcorn & Rainbow Popcorn (use black and orange coloring for a Halloween theme)  

Trick or Treating & Festive Foods

Add some excitement to in home trick or treating this year by making your little goblins and ghouls find the candy. Get creative in hiding spots, or even make your own clues. Place candy in all the spooky Halloween decorations to add to the fun. Don’t forget to turn off the lights, turn on the jack-o-lanterns and blast some Halloween classics to get the party started. 

Now it’s time to make some delicious frights and bites for dinner! Here are some of our favorite fall and Halloween inspired recipes to bring your Halloween Party at home to life: Mummy Hot Dogs, Halloween Sweet Potato Fries, Slow Roasted Apple Cider Pork Loin, Caramel Drizzled Pumpkin Poke Cake

Finding halloween candy around the house and mummy dogs!


Top off the festive set table with a spooky surprise centerpiece of Glow In the Dark Roses! Check your weekly ad to see when they become available at your floral department. 

Cocktail Hour for Adults 

Now that the kids are entertained and tuckered out from all the Halloween at home fun, brew up some adult beverages for a Haunted Spirits Cocktail hour! 


Cheers to having a safe and spooky Halloween at home this year! To make your shopping trips even easier, order all your supplies from Fast Lane!