Irish Food Pairings with Wine for St. Patrick’s Day


Irish cuisine is known around the world for being hearty, wholesome comfort food. Mainstays of the working class are now some of the most beloved staples in Irish cooking, and are perfect enjoyed with friends at a St. Patrick’s Day party. What ingredients do we love most in Irish cooking? Everything from root vegetables and cabbage, to ham, beef and even lamb!  

There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day than by preparing beloved Irish plates and pairing them with outstanding wines. Keep reading to learn how to pair classic Irish plates with wine for the luckiest celebration of them all. 

A St. Patrick’s Day Classic: Corned Beef and Cabbage 

Perhaps the most beloved of the Irish plates is corned beef and cabbage. Corned beef—a cut of Irish beef that’s been salted and cured with picking spices—is served up with steamed cabbage. Both cabbage and corned beef were affordable ingredients accessible to the Irish working class. Over the years, however, corned beef and cabbage has transformed into a beloved staple that spans economic class. If you want to enjoy this dish with wine for St. Paddy’s day, look for a slightly acidic but not overly tannic wine that compliments and accentuates the spice flavor in the corned beef. A Cabernet Sauvignon, like Francis Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County, is a wonderful pairing option. 

An Irish Favorite: Bangers and Mash 

Bangers and mash are quintessential Irish fare. Bangers are Irish sausages that rose in popularity during the second World War. Due to limited rations, the sausages were made with a high water content. This made them prone to bursting open when cooked, hence the name “bangers.”  Mash, of course, is mashed potatoes. Served with onion gravy, this wholesome dish goes well with a bold and spicy red wine that compliments the heartiness of the bangers and the heaviness of the mash. When it comes to wine pairings, a Syrah, like the Boom Boom Syrah from Washington State, does the trick. (Plus, could you really find a better name combination than bangers and Boom Boom?) 

Beloved in the British Isles: Fish ‘n Chips 

Classic pub fare, fish ‘n chips are delicious 365 days a year, and even more so on St. Paddy’s day. For the uninitiated, fish ‘n chips are battered and fried strips of whitefish and thick-cut French fries. In Ireland, you’ll find them served up with vinegar or tartar sauce. Look for a wine that balances the heaviness of the fries and compliments the fish. For a wine that can do both, look for a lemony Riesling like Frisk Prickly Riesling. 

Irish Potatoes Two Ways  


If the Irish do one thing well, it’s potatoes and there’s nothing more comforting than Irish colcannon—mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage, scallions, and butter. You can also add bacon or ham for a salty kick. Alongside a zippy Pino Grigio, the sweetness of the wine and the saltiness of the potatoes makes for a happy pair. Try with  
Noble Vines Pinot Grigio 152 San Bernabe Monterey.   


Not unlike hash browns, boxty are traditional Irish pancakes made with mashed or grated potatoes and then pan-fried until crispy. Although they’re normally served as part of a full Irish breakfast alongside sausages, beans, eggs, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, and toast, boxty are perfect anytime of day. To celebrate with a St. Patrick’s Day glass of wine, serve with Oliver Apple Pie sweet apple wine for a comforting contrast that adds depth and flavor to mild potatoes. 

St. Paddy’s Day Comfort Food: Irish Stew 

Traditionally made with lamb, Irish stew is a hearty one-pot meal sure to feed and please a crowd. An easy recipe to make at home, fill this stew with root vegetables like potato, onion, and carrots in a warm broth. If you prefer a thicker stew, add mashed potatoes or flour. A rich red wine that’s ripe and spicy, like a merlot, is a great pairing option for Irish stew. The Decoy Merlot, with aromas of plum, black cherries, and earl gray tea, is a great upscale choice to serve alongside a simple bowl of stew. 

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