Tailgating Pro Tips

Family Fare can show you how to be a Tailgating Pro

We’re all pretty sad about the end of summer; but the changing of seasons marks the start of another annual American tradition: tailgating.

There is a particular art to pulling off a perfect pre-game party. Whether you’re packing a little grill into a sedan and heading out, or you own one of those cool ultimate fan-buses, a stadium parking lot is a place where you’re not judged by the size of your vehicle, but by the kind of food you’re putting on the table.

And speaking of which, we’re spilling the beans on what it takes to be a Tailgating Pro.

Overnight Marinades

Overnight Marinades

It might seem obvious, but letting meat and veggies soak in other flavors overnight is a winning play. While you’re pre-assembling meat skewers or burger patties, play around with to make your dishes stand out.

Pro-Tip: Marinating burger patties will take your burgers to the next level. When forming patties the night before, add some flavor bombs into your mixture. Worcestershire sauce, your favorite beer, even Jagermeister adds a big boost to your mix.

Also, check out this beer-marinated skewer recipe by chef Aarón Sánchez.

Tailgating Pro Tips

Water Bottle Ice Packs

We're fairly certain most of us have an extra freezer just for ice packs. These things are only made for one purpose: keeping things cold. But what happens when they defrost? While we wouldn't recommend using them as cornhole bags (bad idea), these packs are generally useless blocks that simply take up space when thawed.

We've seen the frozen water bottle hack, and we think that's a good start. To take it even a step further, fill these bottles with your favorite juice or noncarbonated beverages. When these bottles thaw, you're left with a perfect pregame beverage (or mixer)!

Pro Tip: RECYCLE WATER BOTTLES. And additionally, make sure you leave a few inches of space in the bottle for the water to expand, exploding water bottles is probably not something you want to be dealing with on gameday.

Tailgating Pro Tips


Warming Coolers

Disclaimer: We know it's an oxymoron, just hear us out on this one.

For large roasts like pork shoulder and beef brisket, the low and slow method is key. But along with carefully tending your grill, it is incredibly important

Coolers are usually only advertised for cold storage, but did you know that these lovely boxes can insulate both ways? When you take your meat off of the grill, cover it twice-over in foil, wrap it in a towel, and throw it in a cooler. Let that hang out for 2-3 hours, and you have yourself a legendary roast.


Pro-Tip: Before placing meat in your cooler, rinse it with hot water - to keep the inside nice and hot.


Happy Tailgating Season! Have fun, and stay safe.