Family Meals Month

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National Family Meals Month

Each September, our country celebrates National Family Meals Month™ - a nationwide event created to encourage families to come together as a family and enjoy more meals using items purchased at the grocery store. Why does it matter? Making a point to have more meals together as a family promotes mental and physical health benefits, as well as promoting positive social behaviors. Start celebrating National Family Meals Month with our quick and easy recipes below!

September is Family Meals Month!

 Family Meals Cooking Series 

Cook nutritious family meals alongside our Registered Dietitian, Deanna.  Our Family Meals Month cooking series is on YouTube at "Dietitian Corner with Deanna."  Be sure to Subscribe so new videos will appear in your YouTube Subscriptions feed!

  • Overnight Oats recipe video

    Overnight Oats

    Three easy, delicious, and unique Overnight Oats recipes! Perfect for sharing breakfast with the family or just for a quick snack.

  • Chicken Nugget Recipe Video

    Baked Chicken Nuggets

    Healthy baked chicken nuggets, made with lean protein and whole grains.  Plus a delicious dipping sauce too!

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September is family meals month!

As our world has become socially distant, we have become more virtually unified. Raise your mitt to commit to staying strong this September with the benefits having more family meals at home has to offer. 

Stay Connected, Stay Strong with Family Meal Recipes