Sun’s out. Are you hungry yet?


Here’s a plan to pack up and enjoy the day. 

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  • Getting started:

    Line your bag, basket, or box with aluminum foil. This will help insulate the cold and be easy cleanup should anything leak.

  • Bring on the cold:

    Line the bottom with cold packs or frozen water bottles - once they thaw you’ll have water to drink! Use cold compresses from the drugstore that you freeze and reuse. Frozen grapes keep cool and taste great frozen or fresh!

  • Single serve:

    Pack salads, sandwiches, or snacks in single serve plastic containers. You won’t have to pack serving plates and you can reuse or recycle.

  • Soft items up top:

    Any breads, cookies, cake, chips, or something soft not in a protective container should be closest to the top. Unless you want smashed bread or broken cookies!

  • Fill in the gaps:

    Place fresh fruit like bananas or peaches in between the gaps, or roll up biodegradable silverware and cloth napkins and slide them through. 

  • Safety first:

    Reduce dairy or egg-based items unless you plan to eat right away. Oil-based dressings, fruits, and meat free items keep longer.

  • Put a lid on it:

    Keep the cold air contained!

Summer Orzo Salad

A clean and cool pasta salad with fresh veggies, herbs, and cheese. Easy prep and travels well! Shown here with individual portions perfect for the picnic basket. Sub anything in this recipe with your favorites! 

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Good Times, Hot Summer