Welcome to Our Family!

 Our Family brand; a most trusted grocery brand since 1904

Throughout the rest of the year you’ll notice Our Family product will be coming home to meet your family. The Our Family brand has been one of the most trusted brands in grocery stores for over 100 years.

Our Family brand quality since 1904


We make sure that every product with the Our Family label on it will match, or exceed the quality, of the national brand equivalent. This commitment is supported through an industry leading quality guarantee. 

Our Quality Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the quality of any Our Family brand product, simply return it to the store where purchased, and we’ll refund your money AND replace it with a like item of the brand of your choice, free. That’s our guarantee. Because no matter the family, you’re Our Family.

Our Family brand at grocery stores for over 100 years


As a brand that’s been around for more than 100 years we’re proud of the heritage we’ve built in the grocery industry. Our suite of products is designed with you and your family in mind. Ensuring we’re offering the staple products you look for day to day and growing along with you and your tastes. 

Our Family brand value products


We are always priced with you in mind. At the end of the day providing your family quality product that doesn’t break the bank is important, and we understand that. 

Our Family Direct Your Labels program


We always want to be part of the community you live in. Our support of the community through the Direct Your Labels program lets you provide fundraising opportunities to local schools, churches and non-profits that you’re passionate about.

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Our Family brand quality and value