Gerber Mashed Potatoes & Seasoned Beef In Gravy, Toddler (12+ Months) 6.67 Oz

Gerber Mealtime for Toddler Mashed Potatoes & Seasoned Beef in Gravy with Vegetables is a tasty bite to eat for your little one. Farm-grown, bite-sized veggies are just right for little hands to pick up—the ideal pairing to a savory combination of beef, mashed potatoes and gravy. Parents will love that each serving has ¼ cup of real veggies and 4 grams of protein, 20% Daily Value of zinc, 15% Daily Value of magnesium and 10% Daily Value of vitamin B12. This yummy entree helps your little one master self-feeding with confidence and is lovingly made without preservatives. Ready in seconds from your microwave—just heat as directed and always check temperature before serving.