Gerber Puree Blends, Fruit & Veggie Favorites, Sitter 2nd Foods, Variety Pack 9 Ea

Sitter. Organic for baby. 18 total servings (1 fruit/veggie serving is 3 tbsp for babies) of fruit & veggies per case. We only use Organic Certified Farms that respect nature's own rhythm and pace. As a mom, it is reassuring knowing how much effort goes into making my child's food. - Andrea H. Gerber Agricultural Specialist. Carbon Trust: Carbon neutral. These puree pouches are carbon neutral. Climate. Forward. Nutrition for baby. We care for the planet - Our pouches are recyclable through TerraCycle. Visit to learn more. Recycle through We are taking action to protect the planet - so Gerber babies will grow and thrive for generations to come. We have partnered with Terracycle to create a free, easy-to-use program to recycle every pouch and keep them out of landfills. Learn more: How it works: 1. Join go to: and click sign up to register. 2. Collect empty (dry) pouches and box them up. 3. Print a shipping label from 4. Ship your box for free via UPS. Get full details at: