Edge Shave Gel, Extra Moisturizing 7 Oz

Face the day with an extra fresh face. Edge Extra Moisturizing Shave Gel is formulated with Vitamin E, Aloe and advanced moisturizers and conditioners. It nourishes and soothes skin, while helping to minimize shaving irritation. The unique blend of moisturizers and lubricants help optimize razor glide, while cooling conditioners leave your face feeling refreshed. To use, wet the area to be shaved. Dispense the shaving gel onto your fingers and gently rub over skin until the gel begins to foam. Rinse off skin after shaving. For ultimate skin protection, pair Edge Extra Moisturizing Shave Gel with Schick Xtreme and Hydro Razors. We offer a variety of gels to meet all of your grooming needs, including Sensitive, Ultra Sensitive, Extra Protection and Soothing. No matter which formula you choose, our shave gels aim to provide a close, smooth shave every time.