Gillette Gillette Fusion Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel For Men With Aloe Vera, 7oz 7 Oz

Achieve your best look with the Gillette Fusion Ultra-Sensitive Shave Gel for men with Aloe Vera. Its 5X action cleanses, protects, hydrates, soothes, and refreshes skin, helping you get close and smooth shaves with premium in-shave performance. This shaving cream has been dermatologically tested on men with sensitive skin. Its high performing formula, enriched with polymers, offers advanced lubrication so you can focus on getting the results you want without worrying about cuts or razor burns. Apply the shaving cream to produce a dense, thick lather for a cool and refreshing shave. Using a shave gel properly will help prevent moisture loss and add an additional layer of protection to avoid any nicks, cuts and hair pulls while you shave, and thus cut down skin irritation post-shave. Make the Fusion Ultra-Sensitive Shave Gel a part of your grooming ritual and show the world your best face. Made by the World's Number One Shave Gel & Foam brand. For great results, use with the Gillette Fusion5 or your favorite Gillette razor.