Neil Med Sinus Rinse Premixed Packets Saline Nasal Rinse 100 Ea

All natural sinus relief. Soothing saline nasal rinse. Trust the no.1 physician recommended brand (From combined data for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK). For large volume & low pressure saline nasal irrigation. Moisturization and daily nasal hygiene. Isotonic (with 1 packet) or hypertonic (with 2 or more packets). Nasal Irrigation with NeilMed's Products: You can use the premixed packets with any of NeilMed's nasal irrigation devices such as NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle, NeilMed NasaFlo or NeilMed Sinugator. Daily rinsing is safe and will keep your nasal passages clean, healthy and open. Other important features include: Easy to use, comfortable and smooth-flowing saline nasal irrigation. Soothing, non-burning and non-stinging. Non-sedating nasal relief. Excellent for cleansing prior to use of nasal spray medications. Suitable for use after sinus surgery or during pregnancy; consult your physician with concerns. Can be used as a pH balanced and isotonic solution with one packet, or a hypertonic solution with two packets. Contains a USP grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate (purity level 99% or higher). This box does not contain a nasal irrigation device. A complete Sinus Rinse Kit, NeilMed NasaFlo and Sinugator are sold separately. Why no additives? We thank you for purchasing Sinus Rinse mixture packets or sachets for your ongoing nasal irrigation needs. NeilMed mixture has the highest pharmaceutical quality (USP) sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate in each sachet or packet. Based on several years of scientific data and current recommendations of expert doctors worldwide, NeilMed has elected to supply only sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate mixture. Contents: 100 packets of USP grade (purity 99% or higher) sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate mixture (pH balanced, isotonic and preservative free) (100 packets make 24,000 ml (800 fl oz) of solution). Educational brochure including directions for use and warnings. Important: NeilMeds packets should be used with NeilMed's 240 ml (8 fl oz) nasal irrigation bottle, NasaFlo or Sinugator device to achieve best results. You may use NeilMed's packets with other irrigation devices as long as you mix with the correct volume of water 8 fl. oz. Relieve Nasal Passages from: Nasal allergies, dryness and hay fever. Sinus pressure and nasal stuffiness. Nasal symptoms from flu and cold. Nasal irritation from occupational and house dust, fumes, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke etc. Post-nasal drip and nasal congestion. NeilMed is the no. 1 brand in North America for large volume saline nasal irrigation devices. Our goal is to ensure the highest possible quality, safety, effectiveness and ease of use for our devices at an affordable price. We are highly committed to meeting applicable regulatory, customer and quality standards and achieving increasing levels of customer satisfaction. Preservative free. Money back guarantee (If returned to the manufacturer within 120 days or purchase). NeilMed prides itself on its high quality products and values customer satisfaction. Our policy is to provide a full-money back guarantee within 120 days if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Today, we support medical research at several university medical centers. I assure you that you will be very satisfied with the NeilMed brand of products and the NeilMed way of customer service. ISO 13485: 2016 International Accreditation Quality Management System Certified Company. CE listed. Toll Free: 1 (877) 477-8633. Tel: +1 (707) 525-3784. Fax: +1 (707) 525-3785. Additional Products Available Nationwide Sold Separately: New HydroPulse - Multi-speed pulsating nasal wash. Variable flow rate control. All natural sinus relief. NeilMed Pedia Mist Saline Spray. Nasa Mist Extra Strength. Nasa Mist All-In-One. Naspira Babies & Kids for Baby's Stuffy Nose. Additional Nasal Care Products Available Nationwide: From the makers of NeilMed. NasaFlo Neti Pot - All natural sinus relief. Sinugator: Cordless pulsating - 30 premixed sachets.