Talenti Mini Gelato Bars, Dark Chocolate 6 Ea

Dark Chocolate with a Twist! For this recipe, we blend sustainably sourced cocoa with milk and sugar to create a rich dark chocolate gelato. We then add a hint of coffee - just enough to enhance the chocolate notes for a perfectly sophisticated chocolate flavor. There are only 80 calories per Talenti Dark Chocolate Mini Gelato Bar, making it the perfect guilt-free treat. This delicious mini gelato dessert bar is perfect for when you're looking for a dark chocolate treat with a twist. At Talenti, we believe the best process and ingredients result in delicious gelato and sorbetto. That's why we source the highest-quality ingredients from all around the world, including cocoa powder from 100% West African cocoa beans. And because we don't add extra air into the product, you'll enjoy a richer flavor with a denser consistency. In addition to Gelato flavors, Talenti has Dairy-Free Sorbettos, Organic Gelato and Gelato Layers -- 5 layers of the ultimate indulgence. All our products are made with non-GMO sourced ingredients which have been evaluated by Where Food Comes From, Inc., and adhere to our Non-GMO Sourced Standards. Discover your next mini indulgence. Flavors that you know and love now in mini bars that let you enjoy your favorite gelato on the go!