Klondike Cones! Frozen Dairy Dessert Cone, Cookies 'N Creme/Nuts For Vanilla, 8 Pack 8 Ea

The Klondike Cookies N Cream & Nuts for Vanilla Frozen Dairy Dessert Cone pack offers a multi-sensory eating experience and a perfect combination of rich and creamy flavor, crispy cone, crunchy toppings, and indulgent gooey sauce from top to tip. It's a cone variety pack to satisfy the cravings of families with vanilla and chocolate cookie lovers. Inspired by your favorite soft serve ice cream cones and its swirly fluted top, these 8 count packs will go faster than you can say WOW! Klondike Cookies' N Cream is a crispy wafer cone that features creamy vanilla frozen dessert blended and topped with crunchy chocolatey cookie pieces, with crunchy chocolatey topping and chocolatey sauce core. Klondike Nuts for Vanilla is a crispy wafer cone that features creamy vanilla frozen dessert, a crunchy chocolatey topping and roasted peanuts, with a chocolatey sauce core and a chocolatey tip. Our cones are an indulgent experience with every bite. What Would You Do for a Klondike Cone? Do the Chicken dance, lip sync the Klondike jingle with friends, or just make that epic journey across the house to the freezer. Klondike Cones are the perfect reward for doing that thing you just did. You can enjoy Klondike Cookie N Cream & Nuts for Vanilla Cones as a treat or as a frozen dairy dessert snack to help you relax, anytime and anywhere, without needing a spoon or bowl. Our frozen desserts are made with high-quality ingredients and no artificial growth hormones, and come in a variety of flavors. Don't forget to try our other frozen treat formats such as Bars, Sandwiches, Shakes, and Minis.