Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato

Take your love for coffee ice cream to the next level with Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato, a rich and delicious flavor that could turn you into a coffee gelato snob. This frozen treat is made with fair trade coffee, slow cooked into fresh milk and cream, with semisweet chocolatey chips. We use fair trade Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans in this gelato for a delicious frozen dessert. At Talenti, we believe the best process and highest quality ingredients result in the best tasting gelato, sorbetto and frozen dairy desserts. We start with fresh milk and cream and make each flavor from scratch with the highest-quality ingredients sourced from all around the world. With every recipe of our frozen desserts, Talenti adds a twist to make each pint extra special. Finally, we use an old-world process that involves slow cooking our ingredients in small batches to bring out delicious flavors for a one-of-a-kind frozen dessert. Our gelato is creamy, smooth and indulgent, perfect for any occasion. It is packaged in clear BPA-Free plastic jars so when you've finished your delicious pint, you can reuse your jar. #Pintcycling or recycle (rinse and replace the lid first)! In addition to classic gelato flavors of Italian dessert, we offer Gelato Layers, Dairy Free Sorbettos, USDA Certified Organic Gelato and Gluten Free and/or vegan varieties. All our frozen desserts are made with Non-GMO sourced ingredients. Try them all and discover why Talenti is Crafted for Taste, Clearly Talenti. Talenti jars are not microwave or dishwasher safe All ingredients in Talenti have been evaluated by Where Food Comes From, Inc., to our Non-GMO policy. Learn more at www.talentigelato.com/nongmo.