Dawn Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap, Orange, 38 Fl Oz 38 Fl Oz

Think all dish soaps are the same? Think again. No matter what you've got cooking in the kitchen, Dawn Ultra Antibacterial hand soap gets rid of the bacteria you can't see on your hands. Dawn Ultra Antibacterial hand soap removes 99% of bacteria on hands when used as a hand soap. It also can be used to fight grease on dishes with Dawn's legendary grease-fighting benefit. Get your ultimate clean and be the kitchen hero with 50% less scrubbing* needed (*vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated), Dawn works harder so you can get back to spending quality time with your family. Dawn Ultra's powerful formula helps you get through more dishes with less* dishwashing liquid (*vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated). Made with biodegradable surfactants. #1 Dishwashing liquid brand* in North America (*Based on Sales).