Zum Laundry Soap, Frankincense & Myrrh 64 Fl Oz

Made with plant-based ingredients for a natural clean. Natural Suds For Dirty Duds. Zum Laundry is a natural soap that's highly concentrated, low sudsing, and cleans whites, brights, darks, and delicates. Whiffs that wow, ingredients that work. Coconut Oil brings effective grime-busting suds. Baking Soda zaps stains, dirt, and odors naturally. Essential Oils create long-lasting aromatic whiffs. Vegetable Glycerin acts as a natural fabric softener. Chlorine-free. Phosphate-free. Sodium lauryl sulfate-free. Acetate-free. Woodsy meets rich sweetness when Frankincense pairs with Myrrh. Immerse yourself in an aromatic Zen blanket.