Meli's Cookie Mix, Gluten Free, Original Monster 16 Oz

Out-of-this-world taste! Made with love. Some family secrets are more delicious than others! As best friends for over 30 years, we have shared many fun memories working together, eating good food, laughing, and dreaming about our future. When a close family member was suddenly diagnosed with gluten-intolerance, we watched them taste-test every gluten-free cookie they could find, and their taste buds were underwhelmed. It seemed that the more gluten-substitutes involved, the more blah the cookie. That's when it hit us. Our most beloved family monster cookie recipe, passed down through generations and adored by all, was naturally gluten-free! Meli's has No gluten substitutes and is scrumdidlyumbous! We can't wait to share our deliciously awesome, gluten-free accident with you and those you love! And as moms who put a premium on caring for our families, we promise to deliver treats that not only taste better than the rest but are better than the rest. Thank you for letting us share our family's favorite cookie with yours! Baked with love, Melissa & Melissa. Certified Women-Owned Business.