Campbell's® Hot & Spicy Chili With Beans 19.000 Oz

Give hunger a spicy beatdown with Campbell's® ChunkyTM Hot & Spicy Chili with Beans. With never-ending big flavors and bold ingredients, this spicy take on a comfort food classic is capable of fueling even the heartiest appetite. Our spice-driven, powerhouse chili is packed with hearty ingredients and fiery flavors like kidney beans, seasoned beef and pork, and red and green peppers seasoned with onions, garlic and paprika. Each one-cup serving has 13 grams of protein. This spicy chili with beans contains no artificial colors. Just pop this canned chili in a microwave-safe bowl, heat and enjoy. Or, pour it over cornbread for something quick and easy. Whether you’re looking for quick and easy-to-microwave chili for home or something to take on the go, Campbell’s® has you covered. The chili can is recyclable for easy disposal. Take on the great outdoors with Campbell’s® ChunkyTM Hot & Spicy Chili with Beans.