Dove Candy, Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate/Milk Chocolate & Caramel, Large Bag 14.08 Oz

Experience the pleasure of DOVE Chocolate with our decadent DOVE PROMISES Bulk Variety Bag. Discover the premium flavors of DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate, DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate, and DOVE PROMISES Milk Chocolate & Caramel candy all in one assorted bag. Savor the silky smooth taste of DOVE chocolate in every bite with the finest quality cacao. With this large bag, DOVE PROMISES Assorted Chocolate Candy Bag you can give yourself a different flavor for each hurdle you overcome during the day. Having a sweet treat to make it through the afternoon is a great way to reward yourself. What makes DOVE PROMISES even sweeter? The warm and inspiring affirmations under every wrapper. Make every moment a DOVE moment when you add our DOVE PROMISES Bulk Variety Bag to your cart today!