Lily's Bar, Cookies & Creme, White Chocolate Style 2.8 Oz

Cookies and creme is a classic combination of flavors that transport you back to the days of dipping your cookies into a glass of ice cold milk. Step back in that nostalgia with a LILY'S Cookies and Creme White Chocolate Style sweets bar. Bring this sweets bar to your next movie marathon, on road trips or pack a sweets bar in your office drawer for a midday pick-me-up. Kosher certified and made with stevia, this sweets bar is sure to be a hit at your next celebration for everyone involved. You can also use it to enhance your cookie, cake, brownie and pie recipes or melt it down to use on your ice cream sundae for a gluten free topping. And don't forget about the holidays! Gift a LILY'S Cookies and Creme White Chocolate Style sweets bar to friends and family or adorn your best holiday gifts for a boost of flavor and fun. Slip a LILY'S sweets bar into Valentine's Day gift bags, use it as a prize for the best costume at your Halloween party or add some flare to your Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. No matter the occasion, LILY'S sweets bars will add a little sweetness to everyone's day.