Taco Bell Sauce, Avocado Ranch, Creamy 12 Fl Oz

Live más at home with our Taco Bell Creamy Avocado Ranch Sauce. Taco Bell makes mealtime more craveable with our ranch sauce that adds a creamy, zesty punch of flavor to all your favorite Mexican foods. Our sauce is made with dried buttermilk, white wine vinegar, avocado purée, dried onion and dried garlic. Squeeze some creamy, spicy flavor on your tacos, burritos, fajitas, salads, sandwich wraps, quesadillas, enchiladas and more. The convenient squeeze bottle lets you pour the perfect amount of Creamy Avocado Ranch Sauce every time. Shake each 12-ounce bottle of Taco Bell sauce before using and refrigerate after opening. Live more fervently, more authentically, more joyfully with Taco Bell.