Mc Cormick Premium Black & White Peppercorn Grinder 1.26 Oz

McCormick Premium Black and White Peppercorn Adjustable Grinder, A must-have kitchen staple, this easy-twist pepper grinder lets you enjoy not one, but two peppery flavors, white and black pepper! The woody spice of black pepper is expertly balanced by the earthy, milder heat of white pepper to complement everything from salads and pizza to grilled or roasted meats. McCormick Premium Black White Peppercorn Grinder offers whole peppercorns with an adjustable grinder to deliver perfectly cracked pepper to suit your taste or recipe. Choose coarse ground pepper to crust steaks or burgers. Adjust to finely ground pepper for sprinkling over pasta, soup, salads, or vegetables. Keep this peppercorn medley along with a salt grinder in the kitchen, at the table, or by the grill for freshly ground flavor anytime.