Pop Secret® Extra Butter Microwave Popcorn 38.400 Oz

Pop Secret Extra Butter Flavor popcorn is the next level in buttery flavor, and our most buttery-tasting popcorn yet. What’s our secret for the best popcorn? Kernels popped up light and fluffy with delicious buttery flavor and an aroma that brings the gang together. Ready in minutes, our microwaveable popcorn bags make it easy to pop up a delicious hot popcorn treat. And with more than 3 servings in each of our popcorn bags, Pop Secret Extra Butter microwave popcorn is perfect for sharing. So, pop up some delicious buttery-flavored fun for movie nights, game night, or any time you’re together with family or friends! Made with non-GMO kernels, and no artificial preservatives or flavors, everyone can feel good about popping a handful of snack-time fun! Since 1985, Pop Secret has been serving up warm, craveable popcorn snacks that bring everyone together. It’s the secret that’s too good to keep to yourself!