Born Free Eggs, Organic, Brown, Large, Free Range 12 Ea

New look! Same delicious eggs! Discover something delicious. 100% antibiotic free (Born Free hens are not administered antibiotics). These eggs are going places. Each carton of Born Free eggs is full of possibilities - a dozen, to be exact. That's because these eggs can be anything - a scramble, a souffle, a strata - you name it. Embark on a culinary journey in your very own kitchen, with or without a roadmap. Create an adventurous new dish, or give a classic your hometown twist. The world is your omelette, go out and explore it. This is the same advice we give to our hens. We encourage our girls to let loose and spread their wings to live a life of true freedom. And, by enjoying antibiotic-free 100% vegetarian feed free from hormones and steroids (No hormones or steroids are used in the production of shell eggs in the US), they lay exceptional eggs with rich flavor and beautiful golden yolks. So, break open a Born Free egg and feed your inner explorer. Do it for the hens. Recycle me!