Horizon Organic Milk, Reduced Fat, Organic 59 Fl Oz

To create Horizon Growing Years 2% organic milk, we partnered with pediatricians to identify key nutrients for growing kids, ages 2 to 5. Every delicious glass provides 50mg of DHA Omega-3 to support brain health and choline to help transport DHA in the body. High vitamin D and calcium support strong bones while 1g of prebiotic fiber help feed good bacteria in the gut*. Growing Years helps deliver nutrition kids need in the great-tasting organic reduced fat milk they love. Also, this certified USDA organic 2% milk comes from cows raised by our trusted farmer partners, meaning it’s non-GMO and comes from cows that are pasture-raised**without antibiotics, toxic, persistent pesticides, or added hormones**. * Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in the gut. 1g-2g per serving. Serve as part of a balanced diet. **No significant difference has been shown between milk from rbST-treated & non rbST-treated cows.