Silk Oatmilk, Original, Protein 59 Fl Oz

Jump-start your morning with the creamy goodness of Silk Original Protein Oatmilk. Made with delicious Silk Oatmilk and soy protein, this lactose free milk has the great tasting protein you want with 5g of complete protein. Plus, this rich and creamy beverage is an extraordinary tasting plant powered protein made for mornings. Enjoy all of the taste and flex your smoothie muscles blending this gluten free and lactose free protein oatmilk with your favorite fruits to prepare nutritious smoothies, or pour it in a bowl of cereal for great-tasting extra protein to start your morning. Every serving of this non dairy milk has 5x more protein than Silk Oatmilk***, 50% more calcium than dairy milk*, 50% less sugar than dairy milk**, and Vitamin D to support strong bones. Silk Protein Oatmilk is totally free of dairy, gluten, carrageenan, cholesterol, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious smoothie, making a bowl of healthy cereal or drinking straight out of a glass, trust Silk — the Original Plant Pioneer. We believe in the power of plants to do a world of good, so people can enjoy good, feel good and do good. That's why Silk supports water restoration programs and conserves natural resources to help protect our planet. Read more about our story on our packaging and follow our progress at Enjoy all Silk products including vegan milk, non dairy creamer and dairy free yogurt varieties. *Silk Protein Original Oatmilk: 500mg calcium per cup vs 309mg calcium per cup of reduced fat dairy milk. USDA FoodData Central, 2023. **50% less sugar than dairy milk; 6g sugar in Silk Protein Oatmilk vs 12 g sugar in lowfat dairy milk per serving. ***Silk Protein Oatmilk has 5g protein per serving versus Silk Oatmilk which has 1g of protein per serving.