Lactaid Milk, Lactose Free 1 Qt

Enjoy milk again! UHT processed. Real milk. No discomfort! Enjoy ice cream again! Lactaid ice cream is delicious, rich and creamy, because it's made with only the finest ingredients. And best of all, it's made with lactose free milk and cream, so it is naturally easy to digest. Look for all 8 flavors of Lactaid ice cream in your grocer's freezer. For more of your dairy favorites, check out our nutritious cottage cheese! Lactaid. Enjoy milk again! Did you know? Milk messes with a lot of people's stomachs. Cheese and ice cream too. Why? It's the lactose, an annoying type of sugar in milk that many people find hard to digest. Lactaid brand simply adds a natural enzyme to real milk to make it easier to digest. Lactaid milk is 100% real farm-fresh milk without that tough-on-your-stomach lactose. So everyone can enjoy all the goodness of real milk without the consequences. rBST free (To satisfy our consumers, our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. Even though the FDA concluded that rBST is safe and that there is no difference between the milk obtained from cows treated with rBST and those that are untreated, we are happy to offer this option in response to your feedback and requests). UHT processed and homogenized at plant stamped on top. This product is UHT processed to last longer unopened.