Oikos Yogurt & Mix Ins, Salted Caramel, Nonfat, Remix 4.5 Oz

Snack strong with every lift of a spoon with Oikos REMIX Salted Caramel, the delicious nonfat Greek yogurt with complete protein and bold mix-ins to take your snacking routine to the next level. Each Oikos REMIX Salted Caramel yogurt cup brings flavor to your snacks in the boldest of ways with thick and creamy salted caramel Greek yogurt, sea salt praline pretzels, dark chocolate and butter toffee. Plus, every cup packs a punch with 11 grams of protein.* With Oikos REMIX, you can always have dependable, high protein snacks with bold mix-ins. Flip the script on your snacking routine and pack these Oikos Greek yogurt cups for days that start at a sprint. Peel back the lid and mix in your favorite bits anytime you want a delicious, refreshing snack. Knockout taste. Epic mix-ins. Snacking mic-drops. That’s REMIX. It’s the party crew of snacking you can feel great about. The mixabilities are endless with Oikos REMIX. *Per 4.5 oz serving