Murphy-Goode Winery

David Ready, Jr

Wine maker David Ready, Jr. moved from Minneapolis to California in the late 1980’s to pursue a career in music, but was bitten by the wine-bug working the wine harvest. During the years following, he studied under various mentors in California and Australia, ending up at Murphy-Goode winery as their Cellarmaster. By 1998 he had become the winery’s head winemaker. Ready is of the school of thought that sees the winemaker’s role as that of enhancing the fruit the vine offers. “In the cellar you coax the grapes to be all they can be. You need to let the wine show what it has in its soul. This takes patience. Intervening can do more damage than good. There is a fine line between sound winemaking and safe winemaking. Safe is boring, and it diminishes the wine.”