Senior Wednesdays

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senior wednesdays

Senior Wednesdays have arrived at VG’s Grocery! There has never been a better time to shop and save if you’re a senior.

If you’re 55 years or older, just visit your local VG's Grocery store on Wednesdays and get shopping to save 10% on regularly priced items*.

*Standard exclusions include lottery, prescriptions, gift cards, postage, alcohol, tobacco, city trash bags, sales tax and any other service counter functions. Discount does not include weekly sale items or specials. Discount not valid at Fuel Centers.

  • Can senior discount be used for fast land orders graphic

    No, the senior discount cannot be applied to Fast Lane orders. Discount may only be used in-store.

  • Can senior discount be used at self checkout graphic

    No, you cannot apply the discount yourself at the self-checkout. Please use a regular checkout lane with an associate at the register.

  • Do I need a coupon for senior discount graphic

    No coupon needed, just ask your cashier to apply the senior discount on Wednesdays.

  • Will I be asked for ID to prove my age graphic

    No, ID is not required.