Admiral Nelson Spice, 375 Ml

Admiral Nelson's Spiced Rum is a smooth, gold rum carefully blended with savory spices that mixes perfectly in any rum cocktail. It offers its own signature flavor and texture, coupled with distinct aromas like vanilla and spice. Admiral Nelson's Premium Spiced Rum won the Consumer's Choice Award at the 2019 SIP Awards. View more recipes online at Admiral Nelson's Premium Spiced Rum is inspired by Admiral Horatio Nelson, leader of the greatest armada to ever sail the high seas. Nelson, Hero of Trafalgar, was a British naval officer in the 19th Century. Admiral Nelson’s is the 2nd largest spiced rum and #4 overall rum in the US. The family includes traditional Spiced Rum, Cherry Spiced, Coconut, Pineapple, Vanilla, 101 Proof Spiced Rum, Black Patch, Black Spiced Rum, and traditional Gold and Silver rums.