Always Always Daily Liners, Regular Absorbency, Unscented, 120 Ct 120 Ct

Want to feel fresh all day no matter what you do? Discover Always Thin No Feel Protection Daily Liners Regular for discreet protection against daily discharge and odors. These pantiliners are made to be thin and absorbent for everyday freshness. Plus, Always thin daily liners feature a special Edge-2-Edge adhesive that holds better than traditional adhesives. That means once the liner goes on, you can trust that will stay in place no matter what activities you take part in. Errands, exercise, sports, and other physical activities won't stand a chance against this superior adhesive option. There's no reason to worry about what your day will entail because these panty liners won't budge. Designed with a breathable layer to help keep you dry. They are individually wrapped for comfortable protection on the go, so you can take them anywhere. The Always Liners Fit sizing chart shows a range of liners for different shapes and needs for you to find your best fit. Get daily protection against discharge and odors that is so discreet you won't even know it's there. Thin and discreet, Always No Feel Protection Daily Liners are designed to offer effective, safe, and comfortable protection no matter where your day takes you.