Parodontax Toothpaste, Fresh Mint, Active Gum Repair 3.4 Oz

Parodontax Active Gum Repair Toothpaste helps repair gums and reverse signs of early gum damage by targeting plaque, the main cause of gum problems. Formulated with stannous fluoride, this gum care toothpaste helps repair enamel and kills plaque bacteria at the gum line. With daily use, this Parodontax toothpaste helps keep the seal tight between gums and teeth. This antigingivitis toothpaste comes with a fresh mint flavor that freshens your breath while offering all the benefits of a regular anticavity toothpaste for strong teeth. In a convenient tube, this 3.4 oz toothpaste is portable and within TSA size limits. For best results, brush your teeth with this gum toothpaste for two minutes twice daily. Try Parodontax toothpaste and leave bleeding gums behind.