Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush, Medium 1 Ea

Spin your way to a spotless smile. Dual action. Spinner & scrubber. Medium bristles. Kiss your plaque goodbye with Spinbrush Pro Clean! It's a chore no more! Color wear bristle technology. Removes more plaque (in hard to reach places vs. manual brush). Dentist recommended. Brush Head is Replaceable: Color-Wear bristles fade when you're running out of spins. Replace brush head every 3 months & keep your handle to save money and plastic with refill packs. Ergonomic Design: SoftSwitch power buttons are simpler to turn on and help to prevent water from getting inside your brush. Batteries included & replaceable when your brush stops spinning, replace with 2 new AA alkaline batteries only. Powered by Duracell. Not tested on animals.