Oatly Oatmilk 32 Fl Oz

The original. Wow no cow! Haven't you seen this packaging side before? It starts off with a headline that gets you interested and then follows up with an engaging first sentence that finds a way to confirm your inclination that by continuing to read the rest of this packaging side you will somehow be rewarded with an unexpected nugget of knowledge. About here, this packaging side has to make a decision whether it will drop a few ideas about the sustainability advantages of oat-milk or if it would prefer to work in the nutritional benefits instead, those being of course a well thought through collection of protein and carbs and fiber (known as beta-glucans) and unsaturated fats. In order to leave you feeling enlightened, this packaging side usually finds an unexpected twist of some sort, either bringing you back to the headline or sending you off with a new thought, but since you have started to understand that you have been here before, this packaging side asks only for a moment of uncertain reflection. Total deja vu. The boring side (but very important). Glyphosate residue free. detoxproject.org. FSC: Mix - Board.