C4 Energy Drink, Performance, Zero Sugar, Starburst Cherry 16 Fl Oz

Superhuman performance. No artificial colors. Betapower. Tap into the explosive energy of C4 to unleash superhuman Performance and dominate life. Carnosyn: This patented form of beta-alanine has been clinically shown to fight fatigue and improve muscular endurance. Within minutes of drinking C4, you may feel a tingling sensation from beta-alanine, signaling that your body is primed for superhuman performance (Studies have shown performance benefits of Beta-Alanine to be correlated with muscle carnosine concentrations, which increase with cumulative use). Betapower: This clinically studied, naturally-derived form of betaine, is sourced from beets and helps support hydration. Thirsty for more? Join C4 rewards & earn $10 credit today! C4rewards.com.