Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Mega Pack Hickory Smoked Premium Bacon, 20 Oz Pack 20 Oz

Start your day off right with the delicious taste of hickory smoked premium bacon. Jimmy Dean Mega Pack Hickory Smoked Premium Bacon features a bold, balanced flavor that's smoked to perfection. Enjoy all the great smoky flavor of Jimmy Dean bacon, now with 60% more bacon in each pack to ensure everyone gets a slice. Easily prepare our sliced bacon in a skillet, oven or microwave. Serve our bacon slices with eggs and toast for breakfast, or add slices to a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. Add bacon slices to make a BLT, or try layering in a grilled cheese sandwich. Wrap bacon around dates, shrimp or asparagus for a tasty side dish. Jimmy Dean bacon is gluten-free and contains 6 grams of protein per serving. Each 20-ounce pack contains about 10 servings. Keep our premium bacon refrigerated until ready to prepare.