Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, Original Flavors 14 Oz

Don't let their small size fool you — JOLLY RANCHER jelly beans are jam-packed with bold fruit flavor. Whether you add them to Easter baskets and candy dishes or save them for your own snacking throughout the season, this assortment of strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, watermelon, grape and green apple flavors will get your taste buds hopping! Use these colorful fat-free and cholesterol-free snacks as Easter candy decorations perfect for candy displays and party favors to celebrate the season. Include a handful in your snack break or lunch box for a chewy, delectable fruit-flavored reprieve in your day. Looking to host the best egg hunt imaginable? Fill hollow eggs with these delicious Easter candy classics and hide them anywhere you can think of. Don't forget to save a few for movie night! Show up to your next marathon with a full bag of JOLLY RANCHER jelly beans and transform the snack selection into one even Peter Cottontail would show up for.