Mc Cormick Cracked Pepper, Garlic & Sea Salt Seasoning 6.03 Oz

Bring grilling back to basics with McCormick Grill Mates Cracked Pepper & Garlic Grilling Seasoning. Unlike grilling seasonings that mask the flavor of the meat, our seasoning respects the meat, allowing the flavor to stand out. Discover the simple power of flavor and flame with this blend of sea salt, garlic and cracked black pepper– it’s coarser-textured than other seasonings so it clings to the meat while grilling, resulting in juicier steaks, chops and chicken. Crafted expertly with quality ingredients, this blend is also versatile- in addition to meat, it seasons grilled vegetables, potatoes, and more. Available in a larger-size container because it’s sure to be the go-to seasoning for weeknight grillers or serious barbecue enthusiasts.