Kind Clusters, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Berries, Dipped 4 Oz

KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Berries Dipped Clusters are decadent, all-in-one, convenient, hand-to-mouth gluten free snacks or healthy treats. These crunchy nut clusters are made with almonds as the #1 ingredient and combine almonds, cashews and dried cranberries and blueberries into snackable bites that are dipped in rich, dark chocolate. KIND Dipped Clusters deliver incredible flavor for an uncompromisingly delicious, nutrient-dense, guilt-free snack mix for dessert or any time of day. Sprinkle KIND Dipped Clusters over yogurt for a delectable afternoon snack, or grab a few of these low sodium snacks after dinner for a healthy chocolate covered treat that you can enjoy as dessert. These chocolate dipped clusters contain 4 grams of plant protein per serving.