Ovaltine Mix, Classic Malt 12 Oz

Make your milk work harder with Ovaltine Classic Malt Powdered Drink Mix. A classic addition to milk and plant based dairy, this powder drink mix gives milk a nostalgic malted milk taste. Ovaltine Classic malted milk mix is a good source of 12 vitamins and minerals per serving when prepared as directed, including iron, zinc, Vitamins A, D and E. These vitamins and minerals are good additions to the diets of kids and adults alike. Additionally, this hot chocolate mix contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Classic malt Ovaltine drink mix powder goes great in a cold glass of almond milk for a dairy-free malted chocolate milk or a warm mug of whole milk for a classic hot chocolate. It is also perfect as an ice cream topping. Use this powdered Ovaltine in smoothies and baked goods for a rich taste. Ovaltine Classic malted milk mix comes in a 12 ounce canister big enough to share and is shelf stable when stored in a cool dark place with the lid closed tightly. Chocolatey, malty, and yummy all in one, Ovaltine has a rich heritage as a trusted provider of great tasting, good for you deliciousness.