Make the Summer Merry with Dairy

What’s a better way to celebrate National Dairy Month than to cool off with some tasty dairy snacks that are loved by adults and kids alike? June is a time of road trips, pool days, summer breaks, and all of those fun activities that require plenty of refueling to keep you going. What could be better than a protein-packed, calcium and potassium rich serving of dairy that keeps you full and leaves you feeling satisfied. Just one serving of dairy is bursting with 8 grams of protein and 30% of your daily calcium and vitamin D needs. The great versatility of dairy snacks is endless with options that can be sweet, savory, cold, and hot that all the family will want to have a taste of.

Here are just a few choices for everyone you have on your shopping list:

  • Ice cream. What dairy list would be complete without a heaping bowl of ice cream to dig into. Ice cream doesn’t have to be packed with calories and make you feel stuffed for the rest of the day. Try some Halo Top ice cream that is only 280 calories per pint! You heard me right. You can indulge in an entire pint of ice cream without the guilt!
  • Party tray. Need an idea for the family picnic coming up? Try a quick and easy fruit dip with ingredients you already have in your cupboard. Mix together 1 cup of Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt with ¼ cup of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of honey until its creamy. Now all you need to do is arrange some pretzels and cut up fruit and you’re ready to head out the door.
  • Cheese. Need some spice in your life? Stop by your VG's Grocery deli and try some Boar’s Head 3 Pepper Colby Jack cheese. This cheese brings a great kick to a burger, rolled up with a piece of lunch meat, and even your favorite sandwich.
  • Milk. I know what you’re thinking, milk is milk. Not in this case. Fairlife milk is ultra-filtered milk which removes the majority of the sugar naturally found in milk and leaves behind all the good calcium and protein for a lactose free, high protein sip of milk. Fairlife offers more than milk; they offer protein drinks and flavored milks like strawberry and chocolate.
  • Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? Why order out when you can make a quick and easy pizza for the kids in just 10 minutes? Divide a whole grain English muffin in half then top it with pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese and then add all of your favorite toppings. Broil for 5 minutes and enjoy!
  • Popsicles. What better way to cool down than with a creamy yogurt popsicle? You can make them super easily by poking a popsicle stick into a single serving container of Greek yogurt and freezing for a few hours. You can also blend up a smoothie with yogurt, milk, ice and fruit, then fill Dixie Cups with the smoothie, add finish it up with popsicle sticks and a trip to the freezer.

Next time you’re looking to liven up your snack game, just pick dairy and you won’t be disappointed.

Author: Abigail Biesinger, Dietetic Intern, Western Michigan University