Craft Beer Style Guide

Don't know what you'll like? This guide will help you understand the different kinds of craft beer.
Ale - Beer style often characterized by fruitiness and esters. Fermenting at a hotter temperature than lagers
American-Style (Anything) - Often hoppier (read: bitter) or use additional ingredients in the brewing process 
Black & Tan - A dark ale blended with a lighter ale or lager
Blonde Ale - Pale and light, usually malty and subtly fruity
Farmhouse Ale - See Saison
Imperial (Anything) - Intense flavor and higher alcohol content 
IPA - India Pale Ale, big herbal and / or citric character, high bitterness
Irish Dry Stout - Typically has a roasted coffee taste and is lighter in body
Lager - Beer style that is often crisper, brewed at a cooler temperature than Ales
Milk or Cream Stouts - Sweeter in flavor due to the lactose added during fermentation 
Oatmeal Stouts - Slightly less sweeter than milk stouts, but just as smooth 
Pilsner - Golden in color with light herbal or floral notes, mild in flavor
Saison - Traditionally brewed in winter to be consumed during summer months. Complex, with earthy, fruity, and / or tart tones with a mild spice profile
Session brew- Lower in alcohol by volume, easy drinking to be enjoyed for longer "sessions"
Sour beer - "Funky" with a vinegar-like or lemonlike taste, popularity rising
Tripel - Belgian-style brew with three times the standard amount of malt. Lighter in body with a complex, sweet, fruity and / or estery taste
Whitbier - Belgian-style ale that's often hazy, always spiced, generally with coriander or orange peel. Crisp and refreshing with a slight twang
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